Persepolis: XM Anomaly Series

XM Anomaly Series begins May 30.


Un secreto tan poderoso, un imperio fue destruido para protegerlo. ¿Qué se esconde debajo de #Persepolis?

A secret so powerful, an empire was destroyed to protect it. What hides beneath  #Persepolis?


Calendario / Schedule

Fecha / Date Lugar / Site Primary /Satellite
5/30/2015 Bratislava, Slovakia PRIMARY
5/30/2015 Covilhã , Portugal Satellite
5/30/2015 Thessaloniki, Greece Satellite
5/30/2015 Bari, Italy Satellite
5/30/2015 Washington, DC, USA PRIMARY
5/30/2015 Phoenix, AZ , USA Satellite
5/30/2015 Toronto, Canada Satellite
5/30/2015 Buenos Aires, Argentina Satellite
6/20/2015 Utrecht, The Netherlands PRIMARY
6/20/2015 Liverpool, UK Satellite
6/20/2015 Poznan, Poland Satellite
6/20/2015 Helsinki, Finland Satellite
6/20/2015 Tohoku, Japan PRIMARY
6/20/2015 Jakarta , Indonesia Satellite
6/20/2015 Perth, Australia Satellite
6/20/2015 Kathmandu, Nepal Satellite
6/20/2015 Portland, OR , USA PRIMARY
6/20/2015 Milwaukee, WI, USA Satellite
6/20/2015 Nashville, TN, USA Satellite
6/20/2015 Ft Collins, CO, USA Satellite

May 30, 2015

Bratislava, Slovakia [P] —

Covilhã, Portugal [s] —

Thessaloniki, Greece [s] —

Bari, Italy [s] —

Washington, DC, USA [P] —

Phoenix, AZ, USA [s] —

Ontario, Canada [s] —

Buenos Aires, Argentina [s] —

June 20, 2015

Tohoku, Japan [P] —

Jakarta, Indonesia [s] —

Perth, Australia [s] —

Kathmandu, Nepal [s] —

Utrecht, The Netherlands [P] —

Liverpool, UK [s] —

Poznan, Poland [s] —

Turku, Finland [s] —

Portland, OR, USA [P] —

Milwaukee, WI, USA [s] —

Nashville, TN, USA [s] —

Ft. Collins, CO, USA [s] —


Original Link: Ingress

[P] = Primary / Principal
[S] = Satelite / Secundaria


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